Upshot Reels are created with x3 monologues, which we seamlessly piece together into a 2-3min reel. The reels are designed to showcase a wide range of your skill in a short burst.

Step 1
You prepare x3 contrasting monologues, each 2 mins max.

Step 2
You arrive at method studio and relax in the dressing room. We will then guide you through the shooting process on the day.

Step 3
You receive your reel within 4 to 8 weeks (workdays) due to current demand.
The reel will be fully edited and graded MP4’s along with RAW footage of the full session.

See below examples


I'm anxious, what is the session like?

Your Upshot Reels session will not be a place where you will be judged. We are here for you. Our aim is to make you feel at ease, so you feel comfortable exploring. The session is super relaxed, so you do not have anything to worry about. We are confident on the day that you will feel like you are performing in your bedroom! Check out our reviews 🙂

Can I Improvise?

Improvisation is very welcome. If you choose to do this,  please prepare scenarios beforehand. We often encourage improvisation around the script to help keep it fresh, as continuity is not required.

What should I wear?

We suggest wearing black, white or earthy tones.  Do not wear any logos. Please ensure that your top is not see-through. Short-sleeve tops work great, but please wear what makes you comfortable. Generally, we suggest not to wear anything too characterful. Please limit or avoid jewelry. We do not recommend wardrobe changes, due to it eating into your session time. Please avoid dresses and clothes that are difficult to attach mic packs to. 

Are the reels only for experienced Actors?

We work with actors at all levels. Upshot Reels are also extremely beneficial for new actors without agents or much experience. Whether it’s to watch yourself back, work with an experienced director, or to use the reel to secure your first agent or job.

What type of monologues can I do?

We recommend that you pick monologues suited to the purpose that you have for your reel ie. If you intend on doing onscreen work, it’s probably best to avoid picking a soliloquy or theatre piece directed to an audience. You can, however, alter a theatre piece to make it work for film. 

Will I have support on the day?

All our reels are directed by Sebastian Thiel, an award winning Director / writer.  Who has been doing Upshot Reels for over 10 years. Sebastian will guide you throughout the session (as much as you need). 

Will anyone do my make up?

In Method Studio we have a dressing room with beauty mirrors. Please be aware there is no one to do your make up. This is something you will have to manage yourself. Feel free to come to the studio before your session to do this. In regards to what type of make up to do. We would suggest going for a more natural look overall.

How soon will I get my reel?

We will send you your reel within 4-8 weeks (workdays) due to current demand. Please take into account bank holidays etc. The RAW footage will also be provided to you. Everything will be sent digitally via Google Drive.

Do you provide Monologues?

We do not provide monologues or assit with what pieces you should pick.  However we do have a few resources that will be provided to you once you book, to help you find a monologue. This is available upon request.

How long is my session?

Sessions are 1 hour and 15 mins. Please be aware that shoots can overrun, so you may be at the studio slightly longer than expected. This is rare, but it can happen. 

What do you mean by contrasting monologues?

Each monologue you preform should feel different. Wether it’s the energy of the character, accent, emotional state or genre of the piece etc. It’s important that they all showcase something fresh for you to get the most out of the reel.  We are aiming to show as much of you and your range, and this will help in doing so.

Can I do partial payments?

Yes, you can use Klarna on checkout. 

What are the payment & Cancelation Terms?

50% of your booking payment is non-refundable. This is to cover, studio costs, admin, and our time. We do not reschedule bookings due to our irregular scheduling. Please ensure you can commit to the date before booking with us. 

• No Refunds for bookings canceled within 48 hours. 50% refund for any other cancelations.

• There is a £100 fee for rescheduled bookings. We can only offer this if there are future slots available.

• If we cancel your booking,  we will of course reschedule your booking for another date at no cost.